Gold scissors cutting golden ribbon ending in two hearts, pink background, top view.

Cutting Each Other Off

Talk about going to extremes!  A man in Maine took a Sawzall and cut his neighbor’s garage in half.  Since part of the structure was on his property, Gabriel Brawn had a legal right to do it. The overlapping garage hadn’t been a problem for years, as his relationship with the previous neighbor was amiable.  After the neighbor died, and the new residents moved in, the conflicts began over a boundary dispute, and the animosity between the two parties escalated. …
alarm clock

Sounding the Alarm (Clock)

Last week in this bulletin we read about an alarm clock. Remember? It was a personal writing by our minister, Andy Baker. The article concerned his oldest daughter, just nine years old. The account should make each member of Graeber Road church of Christ stop and consider the use of their own alarm clock. We need to take this very minute, bow our heads, and tell God that we are going to get our alarm clocks and set them to…
Key on a vintage book on wooden background

The Importance of Knowledge

It has been suggested that the word “knowledge” is the keyword of II Peter. A quick reading of Peter’s letter shows why that may be true. In the New King James Version, the word appears five times in chapter 1, once in chapter 2, and is found in the final verse of chapter 3. You also find “know,” “knowing,” “known,” and “knows” a total of eight times. There is an essential connection between knowledge and true freedom. Jesus said, “And…