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Wisdom Comes in Levels

When I was in high school I was having trouble with a math class and I could not work the math problems. Our math teacher told all of us that if we had problems, his front door would be open until midnight 5 days a week, and he would be glad to help us. Now I was fearful of failing the course so I diligently went to his house seeking instruction as to how to work those math problems. With…
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Do You Understand What You’re Reading?

Have you ever looked at a passage of scripture – read it and looked away and immediately thought, “what did I just read??!!!” We’ve all been there. What happens is that frustration and irritation set in and the Bible sits for longer periods of time unopened and unlearned. Yet, we have the responsibility to make a diligent studied effort (II Tim. 2:15). What are some practical things that can help?  Repetition of Verse: One man said, “What the mind repeats…