World Missions

World Missions

Graeber Road has a strong history of supporting foreign and domestic mission work.

India Missions
We have been supporting India Missions for over 20 years. We provide ongoing financial assistance to several preachers and Allen Hahn provides support and materials to help bring God’s Word to the lost in India.

Roberto Indong works with the Town Proper church in Calisiao, Pangasinan Philippines. We became involved with Roberto when he signed up for our Free Home Bible Study program and later went on to complete preachers training at East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions.

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Bahama Islands
David and Dinah Caskey serve the church in the Bahamas. Over 30 years ago, they began teaching and ministering to the people of the Bahamas.  David uses his plane to bring Bibles and to plant and support churches on several of the islands. Graeber Road has been working with the Caskeys as partners in the gospel for many years.