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We cordially invite you to a Christian Evidences Seminar
on Friday, April 30 – Sunday, May 2.

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Great news! Our Sunday worship times have returned to normal with worship at 10am and 6pm. We have a Wednesday Bible Class for all ages at 7:00pm.

We would love to have you visit with us!

For more information, call 281-341-7776 or email graeber.rd@gmail.com.

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When the World Ends

Your gadgets will be worthless. “In a moment,” the Bible says, “in the twinkling of an eye” the end will come. There will not be time to call friends or loved ones. There will not be time to send one final email to say goodbye or “prepare to meet thy God.” Our cell phones, our laptops, and our gadgets which now seem so powerful and time-consuming will all be rendered useless with the coming power of an omnipotent God! For…

Philippines Mission Letter: March 2021

Click/tap for full PDF  Dear Brethren,  The Lord continues to bless and guide us in carrying out the great commission. We appreciate so much the continued help and willingness of our brethren to go with us to evangelize those that they have been able to schedule for a Bible study. They even accompany us in our follow up lessons with the new converts. Both the adults and young people in our congregation are giving us prospects to teach the Lord’s…


The dictionary defines the word “mistake” this way: “a misunderstanding of the meaning or implication of something; a wrong action or statement proceeding from faulty judgment or inadequate knowledge.” Most of us would admit that we know plenty about mistakes, without having to consult a dictionary, because of personal experience. We know that mistakes can be of various kinds. Ever call someone by the wrong name? Ever make a mistake in your checkbook? Ever pick up something you thought wasn’t…

A Slip of the Tongue & A Clued-In Seven-Year-Old

“Daddy, you said a bad word when you were preaching,” he whispered to me. Immediately, I stopped what I was doing and turned to face him to give my full attention. “What did I say, son?” He turned away from me and said, “you said the word, ‘gee’.” It is true that sometimes I’m given to filler words that creep unaware into my speech. I have no excuse for saying it and I certainly didn’t try to justify it to…