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Great news! Our Sunday worship times have returned to normal with worship at 10am and 6pm. We have a Wednesday Bible Class for all ages at 7:00pm.

We would love to have you visit with us!

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On COVID, Camp, and Certainties

Despite several staff members and campers getting COVID at Peach Valley, I am glad that camp happened and that I was able to attend. It was a blessing my heart badly needed! The risk of illness was not greater than the blessing God provides by His people coming together. Here are some things I gleaned from the week that may help you as you live by faith: “Blessed, blessed, blessed are we!” We learned a new song at camp by…

A Worthy Mission

If Luke, guided by inspiration, included three separate looks at what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus and his subsequent obedience to Christ, you would be inclined to believe it was important. From the actual events (Acts 9) to Paul ’s retelling of them before hostile Jews (Acts 22) to the apostle explaining it again to King Agrippa (Acts 26), we see what many consider the most dramatic conversion recorded in the New Testament. The fierce persecutor became…

Taking the Big Top Down

Vacation Bible School for 2021 is in the books and what a great week it has been. Along with the numerous “thank you ’ s” I offer for all those who were a part, I offer that I have learned so much more than our kids have! I am reminded about what wonderfully, sacrificial people we have who are able to meet needs, anticipate needs, and to communicate needs in the family. So much of what we do as the…

Philippines Mission Letter: June 2021

Click/tap for full PDF  Dear Brethren,  May the goodness and blessings of God continue to abound in you.  The Lord continues to open up opportunities for us in meeting and teaching new people who are willing and interested in knowing God’s way of eternal salvation for man. The members of our congregation are continuously doing their part for the growth of the Lord’s family by showing and sharing with their loved ones, relatives, neighbors, and friends their life experiences in…