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Summer Series: What's So Amazing About Grace?

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Jet Cabin

Don’t Pull That Lever!

Flying through the air in an ejected, fighter-jet seat wasn’t on the man’s agenda for the day. Employees from his firm thought it would be a great idea to surprise the unnamed, 64-year-old French man with a jet ride. As soon as he realized what was taking place, he started to panic. After being talked into getting into one of the three jets which would be participating in the training exercise, his pulse rate began to accelerate, based on the…
Breathtaking sunset in coniferous forest

Journey’s End

John Gipson, a talented writer and preacher, once wrote about another talented writer. You would not likely know the name, Jozef Korzeniowski. But, you might know the name he took, Joseph Conrad. Conrad is generally considered to be one of the great novelists to write in the English language. A number of Conrad’s stories involved a nautical setting. He seemed to capture the thrill of a sea voyage beginning and ending. The excitement of departure carried great expectation. But, there…
Puzzle pieces with word change

Adaptability, Attitude, and Always Abounding

For some people, when they encounter changes to their environment or routines, it is unsettling, unnerving, and can be a very traumatic experience. For others, when they encounter change, it can be exciting, thrilling, and a roller-coaster ride of new experiences (either good and bad). For all of us, whether we have positive reactions or negative reactions to change, it should be an experience to say, “I trust in God to keep me grounded.” Life changes. Situations change, but God…
Cross spider (Araneus diadematus)

Venomous Spiders

Spiderman is a fictional character.  That seems like a statement which one would read and think to themselves, “Duh.”  Three Bolivian brothers, ages 12, 10, and 8, didn’t quite understand the concept of Spiderman not being real…until recently.  The boys found a black widow spider and decided that, since Peter Parker became Spiderman after being bitten by a spider, they, too, would develop superpowers if they let their spider bite them.  So, each boy prodded the black widow with a…