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A Charge to Our Graduates

This issue of The Reminder is a little different. The inside pages are dedicated to the wonderful achievement of four of our young ladies on the occasion of their high school graduation. We ought not to think that this has happened easily for them, in that, so many of the rites of being seniors have passed them by and have been canceled due to the virus. One last normal school day, one last year at camp, one last goodbye to…
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“As we listen . . . “

In Luke 8:18 Jesus warned, “Therefore take heed how you hear.” He had said earlier, “And hearing they may not understand” (vs. 10). The words “hear” and “heard” are also found in vs. 12, 13, 14, and 15. Later, Jesus would add, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it” (vs. 21).  Seems that hearing is important, especially if God’s will is being communicated. A disposition to hear, to hear carefully, to…
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Thinking About a New Way of Thinking

The past two months have drastically changed our thinking. If you don’t think so, go into a public place and start coughing and see the reactions (on second thought, don’t do that). There will always be a “BC” (before COVID) means of thinking, and there will now be an “AD” (after distancing) thinking. However, this new way of thinking causes me to think of the parallels between the mindset of a disciple of Jesus. Here are some comparisons to consider: …
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On Conspiracies, Fear, and Christian Behavior

When tragedies and disasters occur—like our present pandemic—conspiracies abound. The temptation to believe them is strong because they make sense of an otherwise senseless event. They grant us the power to place blame at the feet of someone, rather than remain a victim of confusion. They provide comfort in the calamity by legitimizing themselves with partial truths and creating a common enemy (usually a corporation or government).  Our present culture is rife with false news stories that appear legitimate. We…