Sounding the Alarm (Clock)

Sounding the Alarm (Clock)

Last week in this bulletin we read about an alarm clock. Remember? It was a personal writing by our minister, Andy Baker. The article concerned his oldest daughter, just nine years old. The account should make each member of Graeber Road church of Christ stop and consider the use of their own alarm clock. We need to take this very minute, bow our heads, and tell God that we are going to get our alarm clocks and set them to whatever time is most convenient for us and spend time reading our Bibles.

It may be in the morning before dressing for work or for school. It may be as we’re drinking our first cup of coffee. It may be after the evening meal. It may be as you are preparing for bed. It may be…well you get the idea.

This young lady has set an example that we older members ought to follow. Remember, you are not reading your Bible just to fulfill the commitment of being a “daily Bible reader.” This is a time to meditate on the passages you have chosen to read. In fact, anyone can (and should be) a daily Bible reader, but concentration and thoughtfulness are needed to be a daily Bible student. Quality time with God is not wasted time. Spend a few moments in prayer as well, thanking God for the life He has given to you.

(just) Claude & a friend


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