One of the Sweetest Sounds I Know . . .

One of the Sweetest Sounds I Know . . .

 …is the sound of an alarm clock. I never thought I’d say it, but on the regular, I love the sound of this alarm. It makes my heart happy every time I hear it because I understand what it represents. Please know that I’m not talking about my own alarm clock. That is still an instrument of torture (in many cases), but this alarm to which I am referring is different. 

You see, my oldest daughter has committed herself to reading her Bible regularly. She, of her own accord, has set the time. Every evening after our family Bible time, prayers, and after we tuck the children in, she sits up in her bed and sets this alarm for ten minutes. She will read her Bible for that amount of time until the alarm goes off (which I can hear in the living room and it always startles me at first). I know this young lady is developing a hunger and thirst for righteousness (Matt. 5:6). That she is learning to live by the Book (Matt. 4:4) and that her Father is pleased (Luke 2:49). 

Turning the application to ourselves, “if we all committed just ten minutes per day, reading at a medium pace, what could happen?” 

We could make it all the way through the New Testament three and one-third times this year. Or you could read through the entire Bible in one year. If you got it on CD to play in your car with a ten-minute commute to and from work, you could go through the Bible twice in a year. 

We could read and have time to reflect on one chapter of James and one chapter of Proverbs. If you are new to Bible study, James and Proverbs are your go-to books! Read chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as they correspond to Monday-Friday. Read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the day of the month (today you’d read chapter 12). They are easy to read, easy to apply, and provide practical wisdom. 

We would be nearer to the heart of God than we would be otherwise (Ps. 119:11). Spiritual growth does not happen by accident. It is a diligent, studied effort. Set the alarm, open the Book and grow! 


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