Remember Two Things

Remember Two Things

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus enumerated several “twos” to remember. In these, man always has a choice. In the outcome, the destiny is either eternal reward or eternal punishment:

(6:19 -21) There are 2 Treasures : Some have lived their life by this principle and their confidence is found completely in their bank account. Heaven is the place where treasures should be accumulating (Mark 8:36). “What ’s my spiritual bank balance?”

(6:22 -23) There are 2 Focal Points : The human eye has no light of itself. The only light that a person can perceive is the light that the eye filters into the body. If the eyes are constantly focused upon the darkness of this world, then the darkness one walks around in will know no bounds!

(6:24) There are 2 Masters: If a Christian continually chooses to serve the treasures (mammon) of this world, there comes the inevitable consequence of hating (loving less) the things of God. However, if one is loyal to God and focuses on Him faithfully, then he will find himself despising the things of the world (I John 2:15 -17).

(7:13 -14) There are 2 Gates : The broad way is easy, well -paved and requires no effort at all. The problem is that the broad gate leads straight into the bowels of hell! Jesus says the narrow way is difficult and there are few who find it. “What will I give up in order to find the entrance to the narrow gate” (I Peter 4:1 -5)?

(7:17 -20) There are 2 Trees & 2 Fruits : When we look at what is produced by a person ’s life and compare it to the standard of the word of God we are not judging according to appearance, but that righteous judgment of which Jesus spoke in John 7:24.

(7:24 -26) There are 2 Hearers : One heard and did and was called wise and the other heard and did not do and was called foolish. One set to work on a course of action based upon what he heard, while the other heard and failed to, refused to, or neglected to act. “If I hear the message of Jesus, how do I respond? ”

(7:24 -27) There are 2 Foundations : The storms come to both the wise man and the foolish man. The foundations are the only difference between the house that stands firm and the house that falls. “I’ve faced the storms of life – how has my foundation held up?” Consider and remember these “twos.” Choose what is wise and we will be blessed with the wise.


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