I Heard My Savior Say: Follow Me

I Heard My Savior Say: Follow Me

“I came to Jesus as I was, weary, forlorn and sad,”

Knowing His promise I ’d heard before: That He would make me glad!

“Teach me Your laws and Your morals and such – I’d like to know them all,

We ’ll conquer sin and Satan and death with Your banner, flying tall!”

My child,” said He, “if you truly wish to come after Me,

Denial of self is the very first key:

Give up malice and greed and envy and strife,

Pluck out your eye and then lay down your life.

Give up your preference and remove all your pride,

Forsake the ungodly, don ’t be tossed with the tide!

Prepare then to suffer and find joy in your pain,

For My sake you ’ll do this as I did the same.

Follow My teachings, till death faithful be,

And you ’ll live forever with My Father and Me! ”

“Whoa,” said I, “I’m not ready for that …

How ‘bout rethinking the load and I ’ll stay where I ’m at,

I can sit in the pew and sing a few songs,

My pride I ’ll keep here …and my preference BELONGS!

How can you say I ’ve got to pluck out my eye??!!

I need it to see, lest something better pass by!

You really do think I need deny all of self?

How ‘bout I just keep it up here on this shelf?

And when the time comes, when I need it most,

I’ll bring it on down and use it to boast!

Surely You can ’t really mean what You said,

I can ’t follow You, I ’d have to be dead!

How ‘bout this deal: I ’ll make the way, and YOU follow ME!

What better arrangement could there possibly be??!! ”

“I came to Jesus as I was, weary, forlorn and sad,”

Jesus was grim and deeply grieved, “I cannot make you glad.

I tell you now go and depart from Me!”

He quoted Matthew seven and verse twenty -three.



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