Philippines Mission Letter: August 2021

Philippines Mission Letter: August 2021

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There has been an alarming surge in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in our municipality within the past few weeks. Currently, our town has now the highest number of cases in the entire province. Due to this, our local government has implemented more intense COVID-19 protocols and guidelines to limit movement and transportation, regulate the operation of all establishments, and enhance the presence of uniformed personnel to prevent higher numbers of positive COVID-19 cases. Any person below eighteen (18) years old, those who are over sixty-five years (65) of age, those with comorbidity, or other health risks shall be required to remain in their residences at all times, except for obtaining essential goods and services. Religious gatherings shall be allowed up to 30 percent (30%) of the venue capacity. Provided, that, there is no objection from the local government unit where the religious gathering may take place. But since there are already members of our congregation who are tested positive for COVID-19, and many are still sick, we do not meet yet at the church building for church services. 

In spite of the COVID-19 outbreak in our area, the Lord’s grace and mercy continue to abound in saving more people in August. We praise and glorify God greatly for the forgiveness of sins of 13 precious souls last month as they put on Christ in baptism. Here are the names of our new brothers and sisters in Christ: Joyce Ann Flores, Susana Javier, Jerick Barongan, Renan Barongan, John Dave Ferrer, Joshua Vanessa Erfilo, Ruby Calaunan, Gelyn Castro, Josefina Perez, Mylyn Royupa, Lourdes Gilledo, Carlos Poyaoan, and Conchita Crisostomo. Most of these converts are relatives, friends, and neighbors of those who were recently baptized. They showed up in our follow-up lessons with the new brethren and became interested in studying with us also. As we kept on meeting with the new Christians for their spiritual growth last month, we also had separate Bible studies with them. When they heard of the cleansing power of the blood of Christ, they gladly obeyed the Lord in baptism. Lord willing, when things get better in our area, we will keep on reaching out to the lost and strengthening the faith of our new brethren. 

Thank you very, very much for all that you do for the work of the Lord here in the Philippines! Your continued love, prayers, care, generosity, and support are helping us a lot to keep going 

despite all the difficulties, hardships, and uncertainties that we all are facing and dealing with these days. 

Praying that the Lord will make us all stronger and more resilient. 

Roberto Indong
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