Philippines Mission Letter: June 2022

Philippines Mission Letter: June 2022

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 Dear Brethren, 

May the grace, mercy, peace, and blessings of God abound in you. 

It is always a joy and a blessing to work in the Lord’s kingdom. We completed last month our 5 meetings with the 4 different schedules we had in trying to help our brethren grow spiritually and build a close and strong relationship with God. Lord willing, in the following days this month, we will arrange another set of schedules with the rest of our brethren living in other barangays. With the Lord blessing this effort, there are 3 sisters up to this time who came back to serve and worship God again. Two of the guests who showed up while we were meeting for these activities have committed to further study the Scriptures with us. May the good Lord strengthen the faith of the three sisters who came back to Him and bless our Bible study with the 2 souls who wanted to learn His ways for their salvation. 

We are thankful to the Lord that our newly elected municipal officials, especially our new mayor, allowed us to continue what we have been doing every Monday morning at the municipal hall. We will keep on instilling values and ideals that are Pro God, Pro People, Pro Country and Pro Nature in all the municipal employees. Let us all rejoice with the angels in heaven for the salvation of Ryan Mir Flores last month. He is a junior high school student and a nephew of a brother in Christ. He presently lives with his uncle and away from his mom and siblings who live in another province. The Christian example and godly influence of his cousins motivated him to attend our church gatherings until we got the chance to share with him the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. When he understood it clearly, he decided to put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. 

We continue to be grateful and thankful for all that you do for the work of the Lord here in the Philippines. 

Your love, prayers, care, kindness, and support help a lot. 

Roberto Indong
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