How You Can Help “Boost” Our Bible School

How You Can Help “Boost” Our Bible School

VBS is almost here (6/27 -6/29)! It is truthfully one of my favorite times of year because there are some really creative and talented minds that really shine in making a great experience for our kids. It is an opportunity to really “think outside the box” and to make a lasting impression on these kids about the spirit and life of Jesus. Even if you are not directly involved in the teaching, decorating, feeding process, or anything else here is how you can help “boost” our Bible school:

Pray. Some of us don ’t have the energy we once did to keep up with kids and that is ok. However, all of us can pray for the success of the VBS here at Graeber Road. Pray for the teachers that they can do their best in communicating God ’s truth to these kids. Pray for the students who are as absorbent as sponges when it comes to learning God ’s word. Pray for the workers who are preparing food and activities. Pray for God ’s blessing on our efforts.

Invite. School is now out and there are a number of kids and parents looking for summertime activities. Before long, the “I’m free” mentality of these students yields to “I’m bored” as the regular activities wear out. Be proactive and invite them to come to the building and enjoy a time with other kids their age. Best yet, invite them to come and learn about God ’s word with us!

Attend. Though there are not adult classes, there is always work to be done at events like this. As the old saying goes, “many hands make light work.” Also, there is no enthusiasm like youthful enthusiasm. It will be a refreshing sight to see so many young people who are anxious to see what their teachers have for them to do and see in this great endeavor. Though it may be exhausting work, it is rewarding work.

Encourage. As has been mentioned, there has been a great deal of work done in preparation for this endeavor. Some folks have a PhD in being critical, grumbling and being negative (cf. Phil. 2:14). Instead of looking for something that might not go smoothly, how about repurposing those words with encouragement and exhortation? A pat on the back for the teachers, organizers, food servers, and others can go a long way! Find ways to encourage to the glory of God.


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