Philippines Mission Letter: June 2021

Philippines Mission Letter: June 2021

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 Dear Brethren, 

May the goodness and blessings of God continue to abound in you. 

The Lord continues to open up opportunities for us in meeting and teaching new people who are willing and interested in knowing God’s way of eternal salvation for man. The members of our congregation are continuously doing their part for the growth of the Lord’s family by showing and sharing with their loved ones, relatives, neighbors, and friends their life experiences in becoming children of God. The brethren whose lives were changed when they became Christians were bringing impact on the lives of those people who knew their old ways of life. When these brethren accompanied us to visit with these people, they gladly welcomed us in their homes. They are so happy for the kind of life that these brethren are now living in serving the Lord. At the end of our conversation in getting to know each other, we eventually got an appointment to talk more about life and heavenly things. Most of them have already worshipped with our congregation. We meet most of our prospects at the church building. We praise and thank God for all these blessings and opportunities to help people with their spiritual needs. We hope and pray for their obedience to the gospel as we continue to study with them. 

We give God the honor and glory for the restoration of 5 inactive brethren last month. They are the following: Ashley De Guzman, Michel Aquino, Nancy Tamayo, Angel Alvarez, and Katrina Salazar. These sisters in Christ had dealt with different problems and trials in life, but through constant prayers, visitation, comfort, and encouragement, we are so glad and thankful that they are back in serving the merciful Lord again. Our follow-up lessons with the new Christians to strengthen their faith to the Lord continue every week. We also mourned and sympathized with our brethren and their families who recently lost their loved ones last month. We are hoping and praying that the comforting words of the Lord that they have heard during the wake services will continue to soothe the pain in their hearts and that their family members who are not yet Christians will also seek the will of God in their lives. May the Lord continue to bless us all with good health and supply our needs as we keep working in His kingdom. 

We are truly grateful for all that you have already done and will continue to do for the glory of God and for the furtherance of His kingdom in the Philippines. 

Thank you very much for your continued love, prayers, care, and support for the work here! 

Roberto Indong
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