“Things for Which We Must Pray”

“Things for Which We Must Pray”

It ’s a simple enough title and concept, but for each season and busy opportunity in our lives, there ought to be a reminder, “this is something for which I MUST pray” (Ps. 55:7; Zech. 8:21; 1 Thess. 5:17). Here are some things God ’s people need to be lifting up and praying about NOW:

Pray for our country (1 Tim. 2:1 -2). Our nation is in rapid decline. As a whole, our rulers, leaders, and educators are invested in calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). They are interested in dividing us. Though our nation may never turn to God as the answer (more and more, He and His absolute will are the enemy), what will preserve this nation far more will be the intercessory prayer of the righteous people of God (that ’s you and me!). We need to be praying for our rulers and, as much as faithful Christians can, be subjecting ourselves to our authorities (Titus 3:1 -8). We MUST pray for our country!

Pray for our congregation and our outward influence (Colossians 4:2 -6). Have you been praying for our Vacation Bible School? Have you been praying for our evangelism efforts? Have you been praying for open doors for our neighbors and friends to come learn about Jesus here? Have you put feet to your faith in asking for God for these things and then asking your neighbors for these things? We MUST pray about Graeber Road ’s influence.

Pray for our congregation and our inward strength (Phil. 1:9). Pray for our growth in spirituality and maturity as men and women who serve our King. Pray for God to send us a man and his family to help us to continue to grow in the work at Graeber Road as another minister on staff. Pray for our elders to have wisdom and godly judgment to help make the best decisions for the church here. Pray for our families to make the choices that glorify God consistently. Again, put feet to your faith and do something that contributes to the strength of the church here -help with VBS, encourage an elder, volunteer to teach. Have a family devotional. Remember, faith (in God) without works (that are in obedience to His will) is dead. We MUST pray about our inward strength.

With just these three things, we have more than enough to take before the throne of God and beg His help and providence in our country and in our congregation. Shall we pray?



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