Taking the Big Top Down

Taking the Big Top Down

Vacation Bible School for 2021 is in the books and what a great week it has been. Along with the numerous “thank you ’ s” I offer for all those who were a part, I offer that I have learned so much more than our kids have! I am reminded about what wonderfully, sacrificial people we have who are able to meet needs, anticipate needs, and to communicate needs in the family. So much of what we do as the church is about communication and selflessness. This congregation has excelled and proven themselves like Jesus in this task.

First, let me thank our room captains and their decorators: Joseph & Tamara Luna and their family made Darius ’s throne room and the lion ’s den come to life. Kathryn Baker & Sarah Saavedra amazed the students with Nebuchadnezzar ’s gold statue and the fiery furnace. Rebecca Martin’s “Jonah Journey” took the kids through the terror of the boat, through the darkness of the fish, and to the streets of Nineveh to preach. I thank as well all the actors and actresses who volunteered to demonstrate in a visual way the challenge of being “God ’s man.”

Rachel Todd and Rebecca Martin and their team did an AMAZING job decorating the fellowship hall, the foyer, and the auditorium to be circus-y. Lorene Sykes, Rebecca Christopoulos and Elizabeth Rigby helped immensely in supply, in costuming, in meeting needs (some that we didn ’t even know we had), and in service of others. Senaida Perez did a wonderful job coordinating registration, as well, with Courtney Albright making sure to have visitor bags and the registration process smoothly operating.

Brandy Hall, Sheryl Harnage, & Minnie Alvarez coordinated delicious “themed” food and snacks everyday. Viviana Krauss, Monica Vaughn, and Jill Meador prepared crafty souvenirs for the kids to remind them of their time here. Ellen Tidwell helped me immensely in the program/ singing class. Courtney Albright also did a wonderful job coordinating the service project. Mya Luna made the flyers for us to distribute. Taylor Todd made the slideshow for the parents to view before the evening program on Wednesday. Besides this, there were a number of our teenagers and pre – teens who helped us in various ways by being servants to whoever needed help.

I am grateful to you all and please don ’t think because you weren ’t mentioned that you ’re not valuable to us and to the work here. It is truly awesome to see what God ’s people can accomplish when they set their minds to work (Nehemiah 4:6). Remember that our VBS is a means to an end and not the end itself. Now, let ’s be praying for God to open doors for the gospel! Thank you again!

-Andy Baker


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