Titanic-Sized Bad Decisions

Titanic-Sized Bad Decisions

I mentioned in my Wednesday devotional that the Titanic sank 108 years ago this past week (April 15, 1912). For a ship that was heralded as “unsinkable” and the greatest ship ever made, it proves the old adage, “pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction” (Prov. 16:18). 

Some decisions using human wisdom are not able to be weighed accurately in terms of long-term consequences because man just doesn’t have the earthly wisdom to be able to look and see all of the areas of life that are affected. Take the COVID-19 situation we’re in, what are the ramifications for continuing to “shelter-in-place” for the next month or two with the hope that lives will be saved? No one can tell. People are speculating, but that’s all that it is, is speculation. Will it bring us through this safely? Who knows? 

All decisions DO have consequences and can have vast ramifications. Yet, there is a pearl of neglected wisdom readily available to help people avoid “Titanic-sized” bad decisions. When we turn to the spiritual realm, choosing what God has said pleases Him, may cause pain in the short-term, but will always preserve man in the long-term. 

The split-nation of Israel/Judah were told time and again about the poor choices they were making and that they needed to humble themselves and “return” to God for their good (Is. 1:18-20). Yet we find for many years they lived in luxury abusing, neglecting, and violating God’s law for convenience’s sake. They paid the price in the suffering of their nation, the death of many, and the captivity of their people. If they had only turned their attention to God and to His word, they would have avoided their respective nations colliding with an “iceberg” in the form of the Assyrians and Babylonians. 

What hope is there for our nation? People look around and see that choices are being made now that seemingly are steering us directly into the path of an iceberg ready to sink the American ship. What wisdom do we have and what choice should we make? If we would, as a nation, but humble ourselves and consider doing what honors and pleases God: Opposition? You bet. Sacrifice of selfish choices? Absolutely. Yet, the preserving and prospering blessing of God to bring us through it because we’ve honored Him? Most assuredly (Read Proverbs 14:34). AB 


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