Philippines Mission Letter: November 2019

Philippines Mission Letter: November 2019

Dear Brethren, 

It is always good and a blessing to be able to see and work with other preachers from different congregations in the vineyard of the Lord. As we gathered together with a harmonious purpose of glorifying God, we were able to help a new congregation in reaching out to the people in their barangay. Many contacts for Bible study had been listed for follow up, and the existence of the new congregation was further heard in the community. We enjoyed each other’s presence as we talked, prayed, studied, sang, and worked together. 

Our brothers and sisters in Christ are exerting efforts to help out in spreading the word to the people in their compound. They want to start it with the children and teenagers in their area and then later on with the parents of these young ones. As we teach them, their parents and grandparents are happily watching and observing us. We are thankful that they are allowing their little ones to participate in our weekly activity and attend our Sunday school. We are hoping that later on we can also set a schedule of Bible study with them. 

Our regular visit to the members of the congregation connects us to more people who are willing to study the Scriptures with us. Although sometimes we do not meet the brother or sister in Christ that we have intended and scheduled to visit due to some reasons, yet opportunities open up for us to meet other people that are related to them. As we talk to these newfound friends politely, oftentimes, they would agree for a visit and possibly for a Bible study schedule. For the past weeks, some of them have already become our guests at our church services. 

Showing love, concern, and kindness to the needy is indeed a powerful act and tool in drawing people to the Lord. A brother in Christ has always been showing and doing this whenever the opportunity presents itself in the place where he lives. In times of emergency, people can always count on him. One of those that saw the good works of the Lord through him has now become one of our prospects. She welcomes us in their family house every week for a Bible study. Her son is also joining us as we sit together and study the power of God to salvation. 

We will continue to serve the people around us with their spiritual needs as long as the Lord guides, strengthens, and permits us to do so. 

Thank you very, very much for all you do in the work of the Lord here. You are greatly and deeply appreciated. 

May the Lord continue to lead, inspire, and bless us in all that we do for His glory. 

Family: Roberto Indong and Family 

Country: Philippines 

Church Activities 

  • Bible study– We were able to study the Scriptures with the prospects and new converts. 
  • Visitation– We were able to visit and encourage the active and inactive brethren. 
  • Evangelism– We were able to help in evangelizing the people in another town. 

Prayer Requests 

  1. The continued growth of our congregation. 
  2. Restoration of the inactive Christians. 
  3. Good health for all of us here. 
  4. Knowledge and wisdom for the leaders of our congregation. 
  5. Typhoon victims in Southern Luzon. 

Church Attendance in November 2019
(Members, guests, and children) 

  • 1st Sunday- 73
  • 2nd Sunday- 65
  • 3rd Sunday- 125
  • 4th Sunday- 95 

Yours because of Calvary, 

Roberto Indong 


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