An Important Question

An Important Question

We cannot be certain who wrote Psalm 116. It would be easy enough to attribute it to David. But, we can be certain that whoever wrote the psalm asked himself a very important question. Here it is: “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” (Ps. 116:12) 

The writer, like the rest of us, had the ability to look at his life and appreciate what he knew had been given to him. Unlike some, who fail to consider, he also felt a sense of obligation to respond to those blessings. He expressed two significant matters that are, or should be, connected as he asked the question. The second produces the first. Think about them: 

GOD’S GOODNESS – “Benefits” had been received. These blessings were not earned. They were the gift of a Generous Giver. It is sad to see some spend more time complaining about what they do not have instead of considering what a shower of daily benefits covers them. 

Many businesses take a yearly inventory of the stock in their keeping. How long has it been since you took the time to “count your many blessings” in your keeping? Not all have the same physical possessions. But, we all have an abundance that many in other parts of the world will never have. 

Those in Christ have even greater blessings – spiritual ones. A Savior, willing to die for us, made these possible. Not only have we been cleansed from our sins, we are offered hope of eternal life in a heavenly home. 

OUR GRATITUDE – How can we not respond in gratitude after considering what we have received? Surely, we feel an obligation to express our appreciation. How we “render” (give back) to the Lord will show if we truly are grateful for His “benefits” toward us. 

We will soon be challenged to consider our weekly giving. Let’s be certain we understand that we are not giving to the church, nor giving just to meet a budget. We are giving to the One who has first given to us. It should call for a careful decision. 

Would you ask yourself, “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” Start by giving your life to Him and the rest will be easy. – Allen Hahn


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