Philippines Mission Letter: December 2023

Philippines Mission Letter: December 2023

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Dear Brethren,

As we step into this New Year, I hope it greets you with abundant blessings and joy.

The men in our congregation experienced a truly uplifting and enriching time during a men’s retreat. This gathering provided us a unique opportunity to strengthen our relationships and deepen our bonds within the Lord’s family. Engaging in team-building exercises, singing, devotional sessions, and learning basic rescue skills made the fellowship both spiritually fulfilling and enjoyable. Similarly, our young people were also privileged to attend two youth camps last month, drawing attendees from various towns and provinces. These camps proved to be significant milestones in their faith journeys, as they not only made new friends from different congregations but also experienced a strengthened faith. The motivating and inspiring fellowship, along with the diverse programs and activities, contributed to a valuable and enjoyable time of learning and spiritual growth.

Under the guidance of the Lord, we have continued to share the powerful and transformative message of love and hope with new prospects. In upholding our commitment to spiritual development, we have conducted follow-up lessons with new Christians. Additionally, our visits to members, especially those in need of encouragement, have left a positive impact, conveying the love and care of our Lord. The month also witnessed the joyous addition of two precious souls to the Lord’s family—Gina Rebualos and Shara Caalaman. Through the dedicated efforts of our church members, we had the privilege of sharing the impactful and life-changing message of the gospel with these seekers. Both Gina and Shara made the decision to be baptized, understanding the importance of receiving forgiveness for their sins through the blood of Christ. We join the angels in heaven in rejoicing for their salvation.

As we convey our deepest gratitude, we would like to thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to the work of the Lord. Without your love, prayers, generosity, and kindness, our efforts would lack the strength and impact needed to fulfill our God-given task.

May our collective endeavors be abundantly blessed, leading to the salvation of more souls and the glorification of His name as we embark on another year of service to the Lord.

Roberto Indong

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