Philippines Mission Letter: December 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: December 2020

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We praise the Lord for all His love, protection, goodness, mercy, and blessings in spite of all the unwanted circumstances that we went through in 2020. With God’s guidance and compassion for the lost, we were able to reach out and teach more people last year despite the threats of the pandemic. Most of those prospects that we taught were converted and now serving and worshipping the Lord with us. We appreciate so much the help of our brothers and sisters who continue to find prospects and refer them to us. Their willingness and zeal to help with the work in the spreading of the Gospel is enlivening and inspiring. It is our hope and prayer that our loving and gracious God will continue to bless us with many more opportunities this 2021 to lead more people to Jesus for their eternal life in heaven. 

The Lord continues to bless our congregation with new Christians to serve and worship Him. Four precious souls were added by the Lord to His family at Calasiao Town Proper in December 2020. Our new sisters in Christ are Ashley De Guzman, Ronalyn Liquiran, Juanita Pajarillo, and Mary Jane Francisco. They all live in the same place and are friends and neighbors of a brother in Christ. His often encouragement and invitation to them to worship the Lord and learn from His word paid off. They were all raised as Catholics. As we studied with them, when they understood that the blood of Christ can wash away their sins, they decided to put on Christ in baptism. May the good Lord continue to give the increase and bless all our efforts this year for the salvation of many more souls. 

We are so very thankful and grateful for all that you have already done and will continue to do for the work of the Lord here! We appreciate so much all your love, care, prayers, generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness. 

May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen more our relationship and our working together for His glory and for the furtherance of His kingdom this 2021. 

Roberto Indong
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