Philippines Mission Letter: April 2023

Philippines Mission Letter: April 2023

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Dear Brethren,

May the Lord bless you with His grace and fill your heart and soul always with joy and hope.

We thank and praise the Lord always for He has continually provided us with opportunities to reach people and share His life-transforming message. The continuing cooperation of our brothers and sisters in spreading the Word of God by referring seekers to us is advancing the Kingdom of God through evangelism. Our continued partnership with the local government has allowed us to raise awareness and appreciation for our Filipino core values through their various programs, creating an environment where people can benefit from strong moral principles. The aim of this work is to create an environment that cherishes wisdom from God and promotes a life of integrity and righteousness. We hope this will spur positive change and bring forth progress in our community. With the Lord’s blessing, every week we also dedicate time to visit new Christians and provide them with follow-up study materials and guidance. We also give our attention to those that have life challenges, so they can receive the love and care they need.

Last month we had a wonderful Vacation Bible School that was attended by many children and several teenagers too. It was divided into three different groups which allowed us to provide the best experience for everyone. We are so blessed and thankful to have been able to provide such a memorable experience for all those who attended! It was a wonderful time to grow closer to God and learn about His word. We are so very happy to let you know that at the end of the VBS classes, five of those teens decided to obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. After a week, a friend of our dear sister also decided to put on Christ in baptism. It is truly amazing what can happen when people come together to learn about God and His word. We give God all the glory, honor, and praise for the salvation of these six precious souls. Our new brothers and sisters in the Lord’s family are Sean Andrei Naciloan, John Carlvie Quiros, Xanjie Faith Garin, Hazel Ann Garin, Rachel Sandra Triñanes, and Rafael Demar De Vera.

We sincerely appreciate all that you do for the work of the Lord here.

Your prayers, commitment, and support have been an immense source of inspiration and encouragement to us.

Roberto Indong
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