A Worker’s Reminder About Work

A Worker’s Reminder About Work

My advice for anyone old enough to understand the difference between idleness and work and can understand the printed word, get a copy of the Bible book, Proverbs and read about work over and over until the meaning of work is totally understood. The biblical theology on work is that work was designed by God as man’s earthly occupation. It is the means by which man sustains life.

Proverbs was written by Solomon whom the bible says was the wisest man that ever lived. He knew about work. Many of the proverbs speak directly about activities in the work place. Indeed, the Bible promises a blessed outcome to those who walk by faith in all areas of life, including the areas of work, business, and entrepreneurship.

It would be very helpful to any father to learn these verses and teach them to his children from an early age. Before I was old enough to even know how to spell the word “work”, I remember hearing the phrase “Get to work”, meaning some family member was not performing some assigned task required to sustain life for family members or farm animals. I also learned that there was a phase used for those who refused to work. That phrase was, “You lazy bum”.

I never knew about the book of Proverbs until after becoming a Christian. However, from an early age living on a small farm where hard work was required to survive, I was never one who would sit around and do nothing. Examples: part time jobs while in high school and even in the military. After serving in the military, I enrolled in a two year college and immediately found a second shift job.

Five years after graduating with an AS in electronics from the junior college, I returned to college to get a technical BS degree while working in excess of fortyfive hours a week on the second shift and driving 120 miles round trip to the college, three days a week for three years. Finding time to get enough sleep was a problem. The rewards of that hard work paid many dividends as Texas Instruments advanced me through the levels of quality control management during the next twenty-four years before retiring.

Even after retiring from the electronics industry, I could not stand doing nothing so I went to work for my brother in the construction business until a heart attack prevented physical work. Then I found two projects to keep me busy, ancestry and photography. My advice, stay busy doing something beneficial for yourself, family or anyone you see in need. God expects Christians to make use of the abilities that He gives them so my advise is “Get to work”.

– Sam Foley


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