Philippines Mission Letter: April 2022

Philippines Mission Letter: April 2022

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Dear Brethren, 

May the Lord’s love, care, blessings, and goodness abound in you. 

We praise the Lord and thank Him always for enabling us to keep on working in His vineyard. We keep on watering the seed of salvation that has already been implanted into the hearts of our prospects. We are hopeful that in God’s own time, they will respond to the Lord’s invitation for their eternal salvation in heaven. Our weekly schedule as volunteers to conduct moral recovery program in response to the need to strengthen the moral resources of the Filipino people rooted in Filipino culture, values and ideals that are pro God, pro people, pro country and pro nature also continues. The local government employees in our town are happy and thankful for the service that we are doing. If the Lord is willing, we will also be assigned to take this good work in teaching values education to the people in different barangays. May the Lord bless this work to reach out to more people in our town. 

Every week we go to the houses of our brethren who are going through difficult times in their lives to encourage and pray for them. We show up to let them know and feel the Lord’s love and care through His church. We are so happy and thankful that last month this effort resulted in the restoration of Michel Aquino, Allysa Soriano, and Juliet Andaya to serve the Lord again. We also continue to allot time to meet and strengthen the faith of our new brethren. The Lord had blessed our own young people two weeks ago with another joyful day of fellowship among themselves while having a holiday break from the school. The whole day activities were greatly enjoyed by everyone. The goal of the event was to stir them up to love and to take care of each other. Each of them was encouraged to know each other by remembering their complete names. 

The 2022 Philippine general election will take place on May 9, 2022, for executive and legislative branches of the government – national, provincial, and local officials. Please pray that we will have a peaceful one. 

You are greatly and deeply appreciated for all that you do for the glory of God and for the expansion of the borders of His kingdom here in the Philippines. 

Roberto Indong
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