Some Lessons from Focal Point

Some Lessons from Focal Point

Lacey and I were blessed to go to Focal Point recently and wanted to say “thank you” as well as share a few lessons and reminders from our time there! Focal Point is a week -long seminar that focuses on the work of preachers and ministry in order to renew, recharge, and encourage.

1. The meek spirit of Moses is alive and well in the church (Num. 12:3). Every preacher I heard presented humbly, standing firmly on the Word of God and trusting in His power.

2. Unity is a beautiful thing. Romans 16:16 encourages a unified greeting of all the churches of Christ. Brethren from all over the US shared how ministries were going – successes, failures, struggles, and strengths. I cannot count how many prayers between preachers or encouraging meals were shared together, but it was well over 1,000 for the week.

3. We can serve God in spite of massive physical struggles. Several of the keynote speakers this week are currently battling major health issues, though not all of them are public knowledge. They harbor no bitterness and they are unwilling to give up. They simply serve to the best of their ability and trust in God ’s grace to be sufficient for them (2 Cor. 12:7 -10).

4. What is seen is just as important as what is heard. The lessons were fantastic. They honored God, respected His word, and challenged everyone to grow in faithfulness and service. But the men behind the messages also shine brightly and, because of that, God was glorified (Mt. 5:16).

5. Evangelism is a lifestyle. One of my favorite lessons was a panel discussion of four preachers who are also great evangelists. All of them gave practical suggestions on how to be more effective. Here are a few: a. Jesus first. b. Start where they are. c. Guests are gifts. d. Our demographic is everybody. e. Live consistently (1 Tim. 4:16). f. The Gospel does not change and needs do not change. g. Help people who are hurting.

6. Reminders from the past are helpful. An old saying from preachers of yesteryear still rings true today – In matters of faith, unity; in matters of opinion, liberty; in all matters, love.

7. The book of John can be studied chapter by chapter and can be summarized by “The Lord…” One of my favorites is chapter 21: “The Lord Who Gives Us Another Chance. ”

Much more could be said, but hopefully these reminders encouraged you as they have me. Have a blessed week!



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