A Reflection on God’s Shepherds

A Reflection on God’s Shepherds

He arrives on Sunday before it is time,

Bible in one hand, faithful wife beside.

He walks in and smiles for he’s glad to be

Among God’s people and their faces to see,

For he cares deeply for them and does love them so

In Jesus’s Own likeness he watches them grow.

Yet think of all that we may never see,

Head bowed in prayer and hard callused knees,

Many the tears: some of pain, some of joy,

They all come with being in the Chief Shepherd’s employ,

Some sleepless nights and some tormented days,

He wants to quit often, but still he remains.

He’s gentle and kind and is patient with all,

Self-controlled and generous, and would never brawl,

He remembers and knows that the hurt often hurt,

For their healing and counsel his help he exerts,

He thinks no evil of any but his mindset thinks best,

His example of love, he both blesses and is blessed.

Be thankful for all faithful shepherds of God,

For in the hard path of Jesus they continue to trod,

With their cross on their shoulders, they bear their own load,

While strengthening, helping, and lifting yours on the road,

Faithful elders are disciples like you and like me,

We all long for heaven where we can be free.

So honor the faithful who serve over you,

And follow the faithful til the journey is through.


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