A Picture of Faithful Love

A Picture of Faithful Love

Before Sunday morning Bible class,

Their hands in loving grip,

Hand in hand through the parking lot,

He makes sure her feet don’t slip.


He leads her to her Bible class,

Where students she will teach,

Makes sure she has just what she needs,

And grab whatever’s out of reach.


After class, he’s at her door,

To take her to her seat,

They sit in church both hand in hand,

Worship together it is sweet.


As they leave they greet their friends,

Still hand in hand they go,

As they have many times before,

Their love is not for show.


He drops her hand to open her car door,

An odd scene for such a man,

But he loves his love just as himself,

It is God’s master plan.


Sixty-nine years by earthly time,

For them it’s nothing new,

We take for granted faithful love,

And that it’s something we’ll always view.


Yet, time and age grow later still,

And death it comes for all,

Who’ll hold her hand without her one,

Who will help her not to fall?


She is not lost nor left behind,

We are not looking close,

Cause in her other hand she holds,

Her Savior’s that she chose.


He holds her hand and dries her tears,

By the promises He swore,

Their hands will again be joined in love,

Much better than before!


I hope you value faithful love,

And hold to God’s own hand,

And honor love so rarely seen,

By such a woman and her man.


For my friend Claude:

April 2022 Marjorie, keep holding the Savior’s hand.

– Andy


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