Philippines Mission Letter: November 2021

Philippines Mission Letter: November 2021

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Dear Brethren, 

It is our hope and prayer that things are going well with you all. 

Our loved ones, relatives, prospects, and every one of us here at Calasiao Town Proper church of Christ are so grateful and thankful for the continued love, kindness, and generosity of our brethren who sent funds to help support us from the flooding in our town in the latter part of October this year. 

With the funds given, we were able to purchase and distribute rice, canned goods, noodles, blankets, sleeping mats, etc. We were also able to give cash assistance to some farmers for their crops. Some were also being helped for the repair of their damaged house. 

About 200 families were being helped and felt the Lord’s love, mercy, and care in these difficult times through the calamity assistance that we received. Everyone was so thankful and grateful to the Lord. The people around us who have seen the benevolent work of the church have spoken kind words about the Lord’s church and are praising God for His kindness and goodness. 

Our relief operation and the distribution of the contents of the Balikbayan boxes that you sent have opened doors of opportunities in reaching out to the lost in our community and even to our brethren who are no longer attending the church services. Our benevolent work has resulted in having more prospects to teach the power of God to salvation. And the great news is that, 5 of these prospects have already put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins last month. Let us all rejoice and welcome our new brothers and sisters in the Lord’s church, namely, Salome Zacarias, Jhustine Mae Quitua, Ryza Quero, Rogelio Penullar, and Darcy Gwen Roy. We are hoping and praying that as we continue to teach others the gospel of Christ, they will also obey the Lord in baptism in His own time. We also greatly rejoice for the returning of some of our brethren to the church. 

As the Lord continues to give the increase, the number of worshipers in our congregation have already outgrown our church building. Our church building capacity can only accommodate 110 worshipers, but starting last month our regular attendance every week had reached 120 to 140 worshipers. Some of our members and guests are already staying outside. Even our children’s classroom is already filled. We believe that in the following months and years the Lord will continue to add more worshipers in our congregation. We are hoping and praying that sometime in the future we can extend our church building to accommodate more worshipers. 

Please know that we love and deeply appreciate you all at Graeber Road congregation for all that you do for the work of the Lord here! 

To God be the glory and be praised always in all these things! 

Thank you so much Lord for everything! 

In His humble service,

Roberto Indong
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