Philippines Mission Letter: October 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: October 2020

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 Dear Brethren, 

May our loving and caring Father in heaven keep you and your loved ones strong and healthy, both physically and spiritually. 

We are so thankful to the Lord for protecting us from the devastation of the typhoon that hit our country recently. During the typhoon, our whole province was under signal number 2 bringing moderate rains and winds. My family and I and the brethren here are doing fine. Please pray for the people in our country who are affected the most, especially those who are in the southern part of Luzon who were under signal number 5 when the typhoon was raging. 

We are so glad to inform you that our congregation has been conducting church services already at the building as our local government eased quarantine restrictions in our town. However, those who are 15 years old below and 65 years old above are still not allowed to go out. Our follow-up Bible studies with our new brethren who were baptized last month and from the previous months continue. We usually meet them at their houses and at the church building for those who live close to it. As we come to see each other and strengthen our faith and relationship, sometimes some of their loved ones, relatives, and neighbors would join us. We are just so thankful for these new Christians for telling others where they go and what they do on the Lord’s day. 

To God be all the glory and honor for saving 6 precious souls last month. Our new brethren in the Lord’s body are the following: Juana De Vera, Edilberta Lorenzo, Allyssa May Orienza, Vivian Idos, Christine Grace Idos, and Winnie Jen Lapira. They were all raised as Catholics. Juana and Edilberta are mother and daughter. We pass by their house every time we go to the brethren in their area. They have seen the Lord’s work that we are doing in their place, especially in times of difficulties and needs. One time they asked our brethren there if we could also come to their house and study with them. After several times of searching the Lord’s will together, when they understood that their sins separated them from God, they decided to put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins. Vivian and Christine Grace are also mother and daughter-in-law, and Winnie Jen was their neighbor and friend. We came to know them through a sister in Christ who 

was baptized a couple of months ago. We had a separate Bible studies with them every Lord’s day until they made their decision to obey the gospel in baptism for their salvation. On the other hand, Allyssa May who lives close to the church building was taught and baptized into Christ through the support and encouragement of her Christian parents and friends. 

Thank you very, very much for your continued love, prayers, care, and support for the glory of God and for the furtherance of His kingdom here in the Philippines. 

Roberto Indong
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