Philippines Mission Letter: October 2019

Philippines Mission Letter: October 2019

Dear Brethren, 

As we give time to visit our active and inactive brethren, our knowledge about them increases. It also continues to strengthen our relationship with them. We pray, study, cry, laugh, and eat together. The time, attention, and effort given to them help them feel that they are valued in the Lord’s family. As the Lord gives the increase to this ministry, two precious souls have been restored in October. Our sisters in Christ who came back to the Lord last month were Christine Hermosura and Monica Salazar. In addition to that good news, some of those that we visited in their houses were able to invite their neighbors, relatives, and friends. We have been able to set up a schedule for a weekly Bible study with them, especially with teenagers.

Let all the glory be given to God for saving two precious souls last month. Our new brother and sister in the Lord’s family are Kevin James Beninsig and Ricanes Basa. Kevin was introduced to us by a sister in Christ who was his girlfriend. After his first visit and worship with us, we were informed that he wanted to have a Bible study with us. His girlfriend was excited for him and she offered their family house as our meeting place. After several times of Bible study with Kevin, he decided to obey the Lord in baptism for the forgiveness of his sins. On the other hand, Ricanes Basa, is a good friend of a sister in Christ. Her family lives in the middle of a rice field where the sister in Christ has to pass through to feed their animals in the field. They often see each other and talk about spiritual matters. The sister in Christ invited her one time to worship with us. When we talked to her after the services, she agreed to have a Bible study with us in their house. A few weeks ago, we visited her at the hospital due to dengue fever. When she recovered from it, we began to search the Scriptures. When we studied God’s plan of salvation, she committed to obey the gospel of Christ in baptism for the remission of her sins. 
Last month marked our second year of having church services and activities at the church building. We were blessed to have some guests invited by the members on that day. We look forward to having opportunities to study the Scriptures with them in the following days, Lord willing. After the church services, we ate together and had some fun building relationship activities. The following Sunday, we were able to distribute the school supplies and the envelopes that you all sent for our congregation, especially for the children and young people. Everyone was so happy and appreciative of your love, kindness, thoughtfulness, time, and effort in putting all those things in the Balikbayan boxes and sending them to us. 

We continue to express our gratitude and appreciation for all your work and labor of love. 

Your kindness, concern, prayers, and support continue to inspire us in doing the work of the Lord. 

Thank you very much for all you do and for being such an encouragement to us. 

Praying that things continue to go well with you and your loved ones. 


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