Philippines Mission Letter: May 2023

Philippines Mission Letter: May 2023

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Dear Brethren,

May the Lord’s peace encompass you and may His grace overflow in your life.

We keep on using God’s Word to communicate moral values and inspire change in the local government employees. The goal is to help those who work in public service understand how their lives can be fulfilling and productive when guided by strong faith-based principles. By emphasizing moral values during the flag ceremony and in their offices, employees are reminded of the importance of considering the ethical implications of their actions and the potential impact on others. Our regular visits and follow-up lessons allow for the sharing of personal experiences, answering questions, providing clarity, and addressing any doubts or concerns that new Christians may have. And the continued teaching and preaching of the gospel resulted in the salvation of one precious soul last month. Our new brother in Christ who was baptized for the forgiveness of his sins is Cyril Jasper Olivar. His auntie who is a faithful member of the Lord’s church is instrumental in his conversion.

We thank the Lord so much for gifting us with a wonderful time of fellowship last month. We have felt so blessed to come together and to make connections with each other on a deeper level as members of the Lord’s body. It allowed us to share our joys, struggles, and doubts, and receive guidance and biblical counsel from fellow members. Our fellowship activities such as prayer, studying Scriptures, sharing personal experiences, and serving each other helped deepen our understanding of faith and develop a closer relationship with God. It was a joyful experience that we will all remember in our hearts. As God’s family, we try to build strong relationships with one another so that we will become more effective in reaching out to our friends, families, and colleagues with the love of Christ. These relationships create a sense of community and help individuals feel valued and cared for within the church.

We cannot express enough how deeply grateful we are for your dedication and unwavering support in furthering the work of the Lord here.

Your prayers, commitment, and steadfastness have been an incredible source of inspiration and encouragement to all of us involved.

Roberto Indong
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