Philippines Mission Letter: May 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: May 2020

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June 4, 2020 

Dear Brethren, 

May the Lord’s love, peace, and blessings continue to abound in you. 

Under the extended general community quarantine, we are still not allowed to meet for church services at the chapel. Our house worship will continue until our government will already allow us to gather at the church building. People under 20 years old and above 59 years old are not allowed to go out unless it is for emergency purposes. Public transportation is very limited. Only essential businesses are allowed to open. Instead of June, classes will start here in August or earlier, and face-to-face learning shall only be allowed based on the risk assessment of local officials in the school’s area and subject to compliance with health standards. 

The people whom we had been able to assist in their food needs through your love and generosity continue to express their appreciation and gratitude. Most of them have lost their jobs due to the virus and lockdown. As we continue to encourage and give them hope that the Lord is merciful, and that He is still in control of everything, we have been able to set up a Bible study to some of them. We are very happy and thankful to the Lord that through your assistance, we were not only able to help people with their physical needs in a simple way, but also to help them especially with their spiritual needs for their eternal salvation. Remember us in your prayers as we study with these new prospects for their obedience to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

We greatly rejoice with the angels in heaven for the salvation of three precious souls last month, especially that one of them was my son. Our new brothers and sister in Christ are Katrina Salazar, Reniel Aman, and Josiah Julius Indong. Katrina and Reniel are aunt and nephew. Both of them were raised in the Catholic faith. We were able to help their families in our food distribution due to the pandemic and quarantine. On the other hand, my son and I have been studying the Scriptures since the community quarantine started in our place. We particularly talked about Jesus, the brevity of life on earth, the seriousness and consequences of sin, eternal life, and others. As my son joined Katrina and Reniel in a Bible study, at the end of the presentation about salvation and the blood of Jesus, the three of them decided to put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins. Keep these new Christians in your prayers as we continue to study with them for their spiritual growth.

Thank you very much for your continued help, love, prayers, concern, and support for the work of the Lord here. 

Let us continue to pray for God’s grace and mercy for the whole world. 

Yours because of Calvary, 

Roberto Indong
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