Philippines Mission Letter: March 2022

Philippines Mission Letter: March 2022

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Dear Brethren, 

May the Lord continue to show you His favor and give you His peace. 

As the Lord grants our prayers for strength and good health, we keep on teaching our prospects about our Savior Jesus Christ and the salvation that He freely offers to those who will obey Him. We also continue to serve the new babes in Christ and those who are physically and spiritually ill through our weekly visitation and follow-up Bible studies. After two years of not being able to gather with other Christians from different congregations due to the pandemic, our young people were at last blessed with the time and opportunity to have wonderful fellowship with many adolescents and young adults from different provinces and municipalities last month. Our youth were able to greatly enjoy the whole day activities intended to ignite their faith in Jesus and strengthen their relationship to each other as members of the Lord’s family. In our desire to reach out to many people as we can in our town, the Lord uses us to conduct moral recovery program in the local government units in Calasiao through the National Chaplains of the Philippines. We go to several departments in our municipal hall once a week to teach values education for at least ten minutes. Lord willing, in the following days and months, we will do the same in the barangays and other government offices and agencies. 

Let us all praise the Lord and rejoice with the angels in heaven for the salvation of Vanessa Parayno last month. Vanessa was a former member of a denominational group. She has been attending our church services since last year. Her mother who is a member of the Lord’s church was instrumental in her conversion. We were given the opportunity to sit with her and search the Scriptures together a couple of weeks ago. She gladly put on Christ in baptism when she learned and understood that she needed to be baptized in order to get into Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection for the forgiveness of her sins. May the Lord help her to grow spiritually and open the way to reach out to her siblings also. 

We will continue to serve and proclaim the saving message of the gospel to the people in our community as the Lord gives us the opportunity. 

Thank you very, very much for all that you do in the work of the Lord here. 

You are greatly and deeply appreciated. 

Roberto Indong
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