Philippines Mission Letter: March 2021

Philippines Mission Letter: March 2021

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 Dear Brethren, 

The Lord continues to bless and guide us in carrying out the great commission. We appreciate so much the continued help and willingness of our brethren to go with us to evangelize those that they have been able to schedule for a Bible study. They even accompany us in our follow up lessons with the new converts. Both the adults and young people in our congregation are giving us prospects to teach the Lord’s way to heaven. What is even more encouraging is that these new prospects are also inviting some of their friends and relatives to join us in searching the Scriptures. The brethren are also involved to show care to each other, especially to those who live close to them by getting to know each other’s situations. We are encouraging and urging our brethren who are already actively helping in the work of the Lord to just keep on what they are doing so that others will also be motivated and that more souls will be won for God’s glory. We are praying that the Lord will bless us with many more opportunities to work and serve in His kingdom. 

Let us praise and glorify the Lord in heaven for showing His mercy in saving five precious souls last month. Our new brethren in the family of God are the following: Krisha Francisco, Rohn Milby Cayabyab, Allyson Grace Roy, Trisha Claire Abelgos, and Jomer Delos Santos. All these young people are family members and friends of our brethren. Krisha’s mother and Allyson’s father are Christians. Through the examples and guidance of their parents, Krisha and Allyson became interested in nourishing their souls with Word of God. As we were searching the Scriptures together, Krisha also invited his friend Rohn to study with us. When they learned and understood that they would be saved through the blood of Christ, they gladly decided to be cleansed of their sins in baptism. On the other hand, Trisha Claire and Jomer Delos Santos came to know the way of salvation through the help of our brethren who are related to them. Trisha was supposed to be baptized in January, but she was rushed and confined to the hospital on the day of her baptism because of dengue fever. Through prayers and constant follow up, she finally fulfilled her decision to be baptized for the forgiveness of her sins together with her friend Jomer in the middle of March. Let us keep these new Christians in our prayers for their spiritual growth. 

We are forever grateful for all that you have already done and will continue to do for the glory of God and for the furtherance of His kingdom in this nation. 

May the Lord pour out His bountiful blessings upon you and all that you do for Him and His family. 

Roberto Indong
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