Philippines Mission Letter: July 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: July 2020

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August 4, 2020 

 Dear Brethren, 

The COVID-19 confirmed cases in our country are rapidly increasing. Our healthcare workers have already warned our government and the public for a possible collapse of our healthcare system if the soaring infections could not be controlled. Some provinces have already been put under stricter lockdown again. The present level of quarantine in our area only allows those who are 21 to 59 years old to go out and observing the curfew hours. Religious gatherings are still limited to 50 percent of the total seating capacity of the worship venues. However, this might also be upgraded to stricter quarantine if the cases in our province will continue to rise. 

We are so glad and thankful to the young people that we baptized in the past months. As we continued our follow up lessons after their baptism for their growth, they also invited some of their friends and relatives. We divided our group into two classes so that we could be able to teach those who were already baptized and those new prospects. We studied with them twice a week prospects from house to house as we used to do before, we usually meet and teach people at the church building, especially those who live close to it. As long as we are given the opportunity, we will continue to reach out to the people in our community with the power of God to salvation. 

Let us praise the Lord and rejoice with the angels in heaven for the salvation of 10 precious souls last month. Our new brethren in the Lord’s family are Don Lemuel Oca, Luis Jean Papio, Marian Jane Bautista, Phoebe Ruth Bautista, Rycil Mitch Bautista, Kem Leonard Gutierrez, Lea Kyla Gutierrez, Harwen Papio, Faith Gospel Bautista, and Riezel Mae De Vera. All of them are high school students and were raised in Catholicism. They were introduced to us by their friends who are members of the Lord’s church. After building a good relationship with them, we started to talk to them about spiritual things. When they showed interest into further learning about spiritual matters, we scheduled a Bible study with them. For several weeks of studying the Scriptures with them, they were really attentive and participative in our Bible discussion. When they understood that they needed to obey the Lord in His death, burial, and resurrection, they decided to be baptized for the forgiveness of their sins. Please remember these new Christians in your prayers that they will grow and remain faithful to the Lord. 

We continue to appreciate you so much for all that you are doing for the Lord’s work here in the Philippines. 

Thank you very much for your continued love, prayers, thoughtfulness, and support. 

May the Lord continue to take care of you, bless you, and keep you safe and healthy. 

Roberto Indong
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