Philippines Mission Letter: January 2023

Philippines Mission Letter: January 2023

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Dear Brethren,

May the Lord’s love, protection, and grace always keep each of you safe and blessed.

We keep striving to make a difference in our community and bring hope and love to this challenging world by continuously reaching out to people and letting them know there’s a welcoming place to come and grow in their understanding of Christianity. God’s Word is transformational and will bring hope, clarity, and joy to those who open their hearts to Him. We are sincerely grateful to all the brethren who have been helping us spread the gospel by referring their relatives, family members, neighbors, and friends to us. There are many ways to gain prospects, but one of the most effective is through referrals. Referrals are a great way to reach out to prospects in spreading the good news of eternal salvation. We continue to be humbled by the opportunity to spread the Word of God and the messages it carries each week through the moral recovery program of our government, helping those in positions of influence better their lives and those around them. Being part of this program will benefit all involved, as it helps strengthen core values, promote good citizenship, create a better society, and hope for future generations.

As part of our commitment to our members, we regularly visit them at their homes, encouraging those in difficult times and studying Scriptures with them. We understand there is much value in solid support systems in times of need. We strive to ensure that everyone can find a place to feel secure and connected, and our services can help foster spiritual growth. Last month, we were blessed to witness the baptism of four souls who have committed to living their lives according to the teaching of the Lord. Through their obedience to the gospel, these four souls were saved from their sins and given the hope of eternal life. Our new brothers and sister in the Lord’s family are Avin Poserio, Mark Joy Poserio, Mark John Sison, and Alfie Mae Poserio. They are related to each other. Avin and Alfie Mae are father and daughter. Mark Joy and Mark John are uncle and nephew. We have been teaching them for a long time. We thank and praise the Lord that in continuing to share His message of love and salvation with them, they finally understood the importance of putting on Christ in baptism for their redemption.

Thank you so much for all you do for the Lord’s work here. We are both deeply and greatly appreciative of your commitment to the glory of God and to furthering His kingdom in the Philippines. Your love, prayers, thoughtfulness, and continued dedication are true blessings from God.

Please include my daughter Eunice Ruth in your prayers for her fast recovery from her four-day hospital confinement due to vomiting and blood infection.

Roberto Indong
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