Philippines Mission Letter: January 2022

Philippines Mission Letter: January 2022

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 Dear Brethren, 

We continue to ask God in prayer that He will keep you all in your well-being and bless all that you do for His glory. 

We thank the Lord always for keeping our loved ones protected from the serious illnesses although many of us got cough, cold, and fever for over a week due to a varying weather that we experienced last month. We are grateful that our family and the brethren here are now doing better. 

We glorify the Lord Almighty for continuously blessing our efforts in spreading the good news of hope and salvation to the lost despite the imposition of tighter restrictions in our town which started last month until the middle of this month. We keep on teaching those that have been invited by our brethren to attend our church services. Most of these seekers are their relatives, family members, and friends. We are grateful for their interest in spiritual things, for coming back every Sunday to attend our services, and for showing up in our scheduled Bible study at the church building or in their houses. While we continue to seek those who are lost, we also share our time with those who were newly born into God’s family to help them develop their love, commitment, and dedication to the Lord. As the Lord gives us opportunity, we also visit our brethren needing encouragement, motivation, and moral support. 

We give God all the glory and honor for the salvation of 3 precious souls last month. Let us remember these newly added Christians to God’s family in our prayers for their new life in Christ, namely, Emerson Barongan, Virginia Samson, and Grace Ann Gilledo. They all live in the same barangay and referred to us by our brethren. Emerson is a high school student. His older brother and two sisters are members of the Lord’s church. He is always present every time we are holding Bible study under the bamboo trees near their house. When we were teaching Virginia and Grace Ann who are friends together about the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, he was also there listening attentively to what we were discussing. At the end of our study, the three of them decided to be baptized into Christ when they understood that only in the blood of Jesus can they be cleansed of their sins. 

We are so grateful for your continued love, prayers, concern, and support for the work of the Lord here. 

May the Lord continue to bountifully bless our working together in His kingdom. 

In His humble service,

Roberto Indong
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