Philippines Mission Letter: January 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: January 2020

 Dear Brethren, 

With the Lord’s guidance and blessings, we continue to plant and water the seed of the kingdom into the hearts of the people. We keep on studying with the friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances of our brethren whom they have referred to us for Bible studies. Almost all of these prospects were raised in Catholicism. We are glad and thankful that they are open minded to hear and study the Scriptures with us. As we invite and encourage them to come and worship the Lord in accordance with His will, some of them have already been able to attend our church services. We pray for these prospects that they will later on commit their lives to God by going into the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. Also, in continuing to show our love and concern for our inactive brethren by visiting them from time to time, the Lord has brought back Christine Tamayo and Loren Bermachea into His family in January. May these two restored sisters keep on depending and trusting the Lord at all times in all situations. 

We give God all the glory and honor for the salvation of 7 precious souls in January. Let us remember these newly added Christians to God’s family in our prayers for their spiritual growth, namely, Carmelita Velasco, Alyssa Garcia, Melanie Tamayo, Jan Luigie Tamayo, John Lourence Tamayo, Christine Mae Villacorta, and Patricia Cassandra Villacorta. Carmelita and Alyssa are grandmother and granddaughter. On the other hand, Jan Luigie and John Lourence are brothers, while Christine Mae and Patricia Cassandra are cousins, and all of them are nephews and nieces of Melanie. Last year, when their families were down and struggling, we regularly visited and prayed for them until we had been able to arrange a weekly Bible study with them. Through the grace and mercy of the Lord, their families were able to recover from their unwanted situations. As we continued to study the comforting and saving power of the gospel for a couple of months, they finally decided to put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins. 

We urge you to please keep praying for all this work of the Lord in the Philippines. 

We are always grateful for your love, prayers, concern, and support for the Lord’s work here. 

Please know that you are always in our hearts and keep you often in our prayers. 

Church Activities 

  1. Bible study– We were able to study the Scriptures with our prospects and with the new converts. 
  2. Visitation– We were able to visit and encourage brethren who are active and inactive. 
  3. Fellowship – preacher’s forum and brother’s keeper
  4. Baptism in January– 7 Christians were added.
  5. Restorations – 2 inactive Christians restored.

Prayer Requests 

  1. The continued growth of our congregation. 
  2. Restoration of the inactive Christians. 
  3. Good health for everyone. 
  4. Knowledge and wisdom for the leaders of our congregation. 

Church Attendance in December 2019 (Members, guests, and children) 

1st Sunday- 71; 2nd Sunday- 89; 3rd Sunday- 75; 4th Sunday- 86 

Yours because of Calvary, 

Roberto Indong
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