Philippines Mission Letter: February 2021

Philippines Mission Letter: February 2021

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Dear Brethren, 

We continue to implore God in a humble prayer to keep you and your loved ones in your well-being and to bless you and all that you do for His glory. 

The Lord continues to bless us with opportunities to share the saving power of the Gospel with those who are diligently seeking Him in their lives and His gift of salvation. With the help and participation of the brethren in reaching out to the lost in our town, we continue to meet and teach new faces of people who are open and willing to listen to the Lord through the Scriptures. We fervently pray for the obedience of these prospects to the Lord as we keep studying with them. We also continue to set aside certain days a week to meet and study with the new converts to strengthen their faith and widen their knowledge in the Lord. Every third week of a month, our young people are having activities that will build their relationship with the Lord and with each other. We were also blessed last month with the opportunity to help with the evangelism campaign of a newly established congregation. After the seminar, we went out to the streets and distributed tracts. We had been able to talk to some of the people who live close to the building where the congregation meet and informed them about the church services. 

We lift up the name of the Lord and give Him all the glory and honor for the salvation of eight precious souls in February. Let us all welcome our new brothers and sisters in the Lord’s family, namely, Erlinda Barongan, Diana Barongan, Elvie Barongan, Margarita Smith, Elizabeth Barolo Demetria Tudayan, John Lester Tudayan, Clifford Barongan, Brando Dagarag, and Jenny Oficiar. We have been able to meet and teach these new Christians through their loved ones and friends who are members of our congregation. They came from different religious backgrounds, but mostly from Catholic. Most of them are related to each other. Some of them have already been able to worship with us before the pandemic. Since most of them live close to each other, they would just usually call each other and gather in one place where we could search the Scriptures together. When they understood that the only way to eternal life is Jesus, they decided to put on Christ in baptism for the forgiveness of their sins. Our brothers and sisters who are neighbors to these prospects are always there to show their love and support for the work of the Lord being done in their area. 

We appreciate you all so much for your continued love, prayers, care, and support for the work of the Lord here in the Philippines. 

May the Lord continue to bless our working together in His great vineyard and may He continue to give the increase in all that we do for His glory. 

Roberto Indong
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