Philippines Mission Letter: August 2023

Philippines Mission Letter: August 2023

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Dear Brethren,

May the Lord’s grace be a constant source of inspiration and hope in your life.

Last month, our youth group did something special. They came together for an activity that improved their singing skills and strengthened their friendships. They realized that singing not only enhanced their individual abilities but also deepened their sense of togetherness as a group. Moreover, during this activity, our youth group had a lot of fun and shared laughter, which further solidified their bonds. This positive experience left them eagerly looking forward to future group activities and gatherings. In addition to this, we continued to provide classes for our children during their school breaks. These classes aimed to instill good values, kindness, and spirituality in them, helping them grow as better individuals. We are delighted to share that our efforts to visit and reconnect with people who had stopped attending our church services yielded positive results. Five individuals who had previously left returned, highlighting the significance of personal connections and the meaningful impact of our prayers and support in assisting others.

We continue to stand unwavering in our mission to share the life-changing and uplifting message of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We reach out to individuals who approach this message with open hearts and a sincere desire to understand and accept the path to salvation. Furthermore, we actively engage in community outreach efforts to make a positive impact. Our Values Hour sessions play a crucial role in instilling positive values and ethics within our community members. Additionally, during our family development sessions in a specific barangay, we work closely with families to strengthen their bonds and raise awareness about the importance of tending to their spiritual needs. Our commitment to community service remains firm. We recently took part in Brigada Eskwela at a local elementary school, assisting in preparing the school for the upcoming school year.

We sincerely express our gratitude for your ongoing support, love, and prayers. Your contributions greatly enhance our capacity to carry out the work of the Lord in this place.

Collectively, we are creating a positive influence in the lives of the people in our community and sharing God’s love.

Roberto Indong

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