Philippines Mission Letter: April 2020

Philippines Mission Letter: April 2020

Dear Brethren, 

May the Almighty and Merciful God in heaven continue to help you in all you do and keep you all in your well-being. 

The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in our area has been extended until May 15, 2020. A quarantine pass issued to one person per household with a valid ID should still be shown at the checkpoint area in buying food and medicines at the market. Policemen and barangay officials are walking on the street to arrest the violators of the lockdown and the curfew hour. Our national government has announced that after the ECQ on May 15, our province of Pangasinan will be put under the general community quarantine (GCQ) or sometimes they call it “The New Normal.” Under the GCQ all those whose ages are 20 below and 60 above will not still be allowed to go out unless it is an emergency situation. Religious gatherings will still not be allowed as some local officials from areas under GCQ voiced their opposition to the lifting of the ban on religious and work-related mass gatherings. 

We continue to encourage our brethren to stay home and do devotional and worship services with their loved ones while we cannot gather yet at the church building. We are so glad and thankful that some of the men in our congregation are leading the services with their families and other Christians who live close to them. As we worship the Lord, some of our relatives who are non-members of the Lord’s church are also joining us. We are hoping and praying that one day the Lord will add them to His family as we continue to help them understand and obey the power of God to salvation. 

As businesses and all types of works are closed due to the COVID-19 quarantine, millions have lost their jobs and have no source of income including a lot of brethren here. With the ECQ being extended, life has become even more difficult. A lot of people are already starving. In the past weeks, we were able to pack and distribute some relief goods to the brethren who are in need of help, especially food and some other basic necessities. If you can help in this effort, we will highly appreciate it. We will be able to reach out to more people and families who are in need in these difficult situations. 

We are always grateful for your continued love, prayers, concern, and support, especially in these challenging times. 

Let us continue to pray for each other, for the world, and for this pandemic and crisis to come to an end so that things will get back to normal again. 

Thank you very much for all you do for the Lord and His kingdom. 

Yours because of Calvary, 

Roberto Indong
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