On Being a Drill Sergeant in Bible Boot Camp

On Being a Drill Sergeant in Bible Boot Camp

Despite the funny looks I got from some of you (read: a lot of you) for wearing the Army green shirt and camouflage pants most Wednesday nights this summer, let me say this: I had a blast teaching Bible Boot Camp! Here are a few great lessons I appreciated being a drill sergeant in boot camp this summer: 

We are blessed with really great kids here. Every one of them improved over the course of the summer in learning about the Armor of God and about what it means to “Know Your Weapon” (the theme of bootcamp) (cf. Eph. 6:10-18). Each of these students came prepared each week and had opportunities to serve their classmates. The boys led songs (“Chapel Activities Specialists”) and prayers (“Chaplains”) and the girls were able to call roll (“Roll Sergeants”) and act as “Supply Sergeants” to make sure everyone had necessary tools for class. I am amazed at the growth and service of these kids. What a blessing! 

We are blessed with really great adults here. I am grateful especially to Troy Albers (for coteaching), for Joseph Luna (for being an expert inspector), and for Rebecca Martin and Kathryn Baker (in assisting with helpful games and Bible-related activities). However, I am also amazed and overwhelmed at the number of volunteers that helped out with decorating the fellowship area and getting a wonderful “army-esque” atmosphere in only a week’s time! It is truly wonderful when God’s Army works for a common cause and accomplishes great things (Ps. 133:1-3). Are you involved and using your talents for the good of the church? 

We are blessed by a really great God. He is the God who equips us for our spiritual battles (Eph. 6:10-18). He is the God who enables us to stand against the “wiles of the devil.” He is the God who shows us how to use our armor and how it protects our minds (helmet), our standing (boots), our hearts (breastplate), and our whole (shield). He is the God whose Word holds our lives together (belt of truth). He is the God whose offensive weapon (Sword of the Spirit) is able to protect and also to strike at the heart of the wickedness that assaults us. He’s the God who gives us victory in the battle! 

This list is not exhaustive. However, it is a great example of how we, as a church family, have been able to adapt and overcome (like an army) challenges caused by the pandemic. Let’s never put our Bible education and growth on hold! “I’m in the Lord’s Army!” Are you? AB 


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