Psalm 1 shows the blessed (happy) man is one who, among other things, meditates on God’s law (2). Later, the ungodly are shown to be the opposite of the godly (4). One of the differences would be their failure to ponder over God’s great truths. 

Is meditation really important? Are thoughts? Remember that the material things that surround us, our houses, cars, clothes, etc., were first a thought before they became a reality. 

God has blessed humans with a great capacity to think, reason, and consider. But, such a blessing also brings a responsibility. We must be careful to guide our thinking in the right way. A wise person once said that man must master his thoughts or become their slave. Each person must take responsibility for his own thinking. 

But, meditation is difficult for modern Americans. Our lives are often filled with constant noise, distraction, and movement. Taking the time to stop, get quiet, and think are not on the schedule. The result is missing out on what God wants of us: “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10). Long ago, Asaph correctly stated, “I will also meditate on all your work . . .” (Ps. 79:12). 

As you well know, we are in a time of national stress. Many are afraid. Others are restless. What better time for God’s people to be different. We need to saturate our minds with thoughts of God’s wonderful word. Surely the provisions of God, the certainty of His promises, the assurance of His love, and His desire for our eternal salvation, ought to flood over our minds. A slow and careful reading of Phil. 4:8 will help. Yes, “meditate on these things.” 

The result? That beautiful old song “Peace, Perfect Peace” says it best: 

“Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown? 

Jesus we know, and He is on the throne.” 

. . . Allen Hahn 


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