Making Time for Important Things

Making Time for Important Things

One of the first things I do every week when I come in the office is to write on a 3×5 notecard of all the things I need to get accomplished for that week. Some weeks, it goes great. Some weeks, I find I’m adding things as fast as (or faster than) I am crossing them off. There are some days and weeks that are busier than others, but still things need to be done.

Looking at my “to-do” list, I appreciate more and more the ministry attitude of Jesus. Jesus had a clear understanding of the work He knew He was doing, “I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; night is coming when no one can work” (Jn. 9:4). Jesus knew that God’s work required diligence and urgency, however, notice Jesus and His approach to what others viewed as pressing:

On His way to helping others, Jesus looked around at the needs of those who were near. Mark 5 tells the account of a ruler named Jairus who had a sick daughter who was about to die. As Jesus leaves and goes with him, can you imagine what it must have been to be Jairus watching Jesus pause in the middle of a crowd to deal with a lady who had just happened to touch the hem of his garment (Mark. 5:21-43)? Jesus took the time to help and comfort in what Jairus must have viewed as urgent. Do I put blinders on to my own “urgent” tasks and fail to see and help in the needs of others around me?

On His way through undesirable places, He took the time to have personal, spiritual conversations. John relays the account of Jesus and the woman of Samaria that He met beside the well (John 4:5-43). What began as an uncomfortable conversation led this woman to realize she was talking to the Messiah! What was a passage through undesirable territory, as the Jews thought, ended up being a two-day fruitful delay (Jn. 4:40-42). Do I find times of inconvenience
and unpleasantness as opportunities to further the Lord’s work by introducing Jesus in word and in conduct?

You see, sometimes we always just look at our “to-do” list and never give thought to opportunities where we might glorify God the way Jesus did. I’m thankful Jesus is the model that He is. I need to be more like Him.


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