Let the Cause of Christ be First

Let the Cause of Christ be First

I wish I could share effectively all of the positive feedback that I have heard from members based on the evangelism workshop we had last weekend. Very little of it had to do with Rob and Nicole, and the majority of it had to do with members who have had their eyes open to the fact that they have a part to play in the growth of the church (Acts 8:4). The excitement is palpable and we will say and do more about that as time moves forward.

Yet, often great spiritual highs are contrasted with difficult spiritual lows. As the weekend closed, we had the announcement of the Albers family preparing to leave for a new work in Sunray, Texas where Troy will be the minister working with that church up in the panhandle. We are excited for the Albers, and yet, at the same time, sad to see them go, and will miss the relationships we’ve developed with them. Please take the opportunity to wish them well in their new work, and let them know what they mean and have meant to you and to your family.

What ties both of these events together? It is the cause of Christ. The gospel message is such that even though Christians may move in and out of our lives, we know their faithful character and conduct, and know that they will put Jesus and the mission of the gospel first. Where we might have heartbreak at, as one man described it, “the band breaking up,” God’s purposes are being accomplished and now will be accomplished in two places (Graeber Road and Sunray) as opposed to one (Graeber Road). What a thought!

Romans 8:28 comes to mind, “and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” It doesn’t say that all things are good, but that God can work all things for good. It is never the wrong time for all of us to get serious about accomplishing the Great Commission and sharing the Great Invitation of Jesus (cf. Matt. 28:18-20; Matt. 11:28-30).

The beautiful thing is, that after we have faithfully labored here on earth, that the Lord will take those who have made Jesus and the Gospel primary in their lives, and will reunite us all together in an eternal joy where “nevermore sorrow or heartache will come.” Until then, let the cause of Christ be first!


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