Honor to Whom Honor is Due

Honor to Whom Honor is Due

It is amazing how quickly things change! Even in the congregation here, the past two years have seen a number of changes that few could have anticipated. Sometimes we are tempted to think that things will just keep going like always and when notable milestones are achieved, they leave us wondering where the time went! Such is the milestone to which I bring your attention.

Marjorie Vickers and Betty Hathorn have faithfully taught together for fifteen years. There is an entire generation of young people who went through their preschool classes and who have known their faithful instruction and the camaraderie between them. For faithful service and togetherness, we give them honor (Eccl. 4:9).

We also honor Marjorie for sixty years of teaching Bible classes and Betty for teaching fifty years. With one -hundred ten years of experience between them, both Marjorie and Betty have decided to “hang up” their teacher hats and serve Graeber Road in other areas.

Just for emphasis: Can you imagine the countless Bible songs sung in 50 years? Can you imagine the countless visual illustrations used in 60 years? Can you imagine the changes in technology and materials? Or style and presentation? Can you imagine teaching not only children, but their children, and in some cases, their children’s children! In all these changes, the steadfastness of their faith and the word of God have been two constants—as we know they will continue to be. I doubt there will ever be a statue raised in honor of Mrs. Marjorie or Mrs. Betty. I doubt there will ever be a memorial wall with their names on it.

I doubt if there will ever be a news story extolling their dedication to teaching the children of Graeber Road. However, far greater is the knowledge that their names are written in heaven and our God doesn ’t forget (2 Tim. 2:19)! Thank you ladies for your tireless service and dedication to helping train our children in the ways of the Lord (Phil. 1:3).


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