“Dinner Therapy”

“Dinner Therapy”

So much of Jesus ’s public ministry and so many of His conversations with people happened around the dinner table. In fact, most of Luke (1/5 of this gospel account) has to do with Jesus either going to a meal, sitting down and eating a meal, or getting up and leaving from a meal. Jesus had great opportunity to help when He sat down at the table.

Consider now this and see if there is any truth to it: YOUR dinner table at home may be the greatest place for ministry to your family. Here are some things to consider as to why regular meals around the table may be one of the best times to open the door for ministry in your family:

You are all together openly. This is a challenge in and of itself with today ’s busy schedules and hectic lives. Yet, home base is a place where families can regroup, talk about days and challenges, laugh together and share together. That ’s what a family does. It reminds us we are all on the same side and working for a common goal (1 Cor. 10:31).

You are listening and sharing openly. If you want this to happen effectively, have a “no phones/no electronics” rule at your table. If your family is not accustomed to this, begin by asking/repeating the same open – ended questions for each family member: “what was something you did today that you enjoyed?” “Tell me what your least favorite thing was today.” “Who served you today or who did you serve today?” Before too long, openness and genuine communication will happen. if consistent!

Your family is encouraged to know we are open and approachable. Kids, especially teens, feel more isolated than ever —and in that isolation, they are reaching out to all the wrong people and places to find validation and identity. Sincere listening and visiting around the table will humanize moms and dads and will remind children that they are special and worth our time to minister to and visit with them (1 Thess. 2:7 -12).

Studyfinds.com found 91% of parents see their families are less stressed when they share meals together.* It ’s almost as if the God who made us expected that the home would be the foundation for refocusing love for Him and love for each other (Eph. 5:22 -6:4; Matt. 6:25 -34).

*https://studyfinds.org/family -meals -helps -de -stress/


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