“Bird Fight in the Church Parking Lot at Dawn!”

“Bird Fight in the Church Parking Lot at Dawn!”

Wednesday morning, as I drove in, I noticed dark feathers flopping
around on the parking lot. It looked like a bird had a broken wing and
was trying to right himself. The wings kept fluttering, but the bird
silhouette that is normal for a bird never emerged. I immediately
wondered what happened: was it a baby who had fallen out of the nest?
Was it a bird who had a spinal injury by flying into a glass door?
As I approached, I noticed it was not one bird but two. Both were on
the ground, one bird had the other pinned and was pecking mercilessly
at the other. As much as the other wanted to get up and get away, the
feet were locked and he was not strong enough. Meanwhile, birds
everywhere were watching this struggle and chirping their approval or
disapproval at this scene. I approached and immediately the birds flew
off in different directions, presumably disturbed that their fight had
been interrupted by this towering interloper.

As I contemplated the birds, I thought of our heavenly Father. I
wonder if He looks from afar, aghast at the way His creation often
prances, pecks, chases, claws, and pins others when there is conflict. I
wonder if He cries seeing the spectators cheering on their side. I wonder
if He shakes His head on the throne knowing it‘s not supposed to be this
way. I‘m not talking about birds.

The promises of our Father, the knowledge to be able to
contemplate how we are different than the birds, and the will to be
able to change ought to distinguish us as a special creation by God
(Genesis 1:26-28). Whether aggressor, antagonizer, spectator or other,
our God gives us wisdom to change our behavior towards one another for
His glory. The answer is love: the highest good for you at the expense of
me (Jn. 13:33-34; 1 Corinthians 13).

The truth is that the birds will continue to fight, probably in the
church parking lot. People see them and don‘t think anything of it…
because they‘re birds. Yet, when Christians fight (sometimes in the
church parking lot), with the spectators and others that see, they know
something about our commitment to discipleship…or lack of it. Lord
teach Your children to stop the fighting, start uniting, all as one.


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