Announcements on Livestream

Announcements on Livestream

Dear Graeber Road Family,

As with many of you, Graeber Road has made a lot of changes to its normal way of doing things over the past several months. One of those changes is a significant increase in the content that we have on the internet, particularly on YouTube. Many of you have said that the services and classes on YouTube are important so you can participate in the assemblies from home. We want you to know that we appreciate your feedback about Graeber’s YouTube content, and we plan to continue to stream services and classes on YouTube. However, we are going to make a change to this content.

Beginning on July 12th, Graeber Road will stop streaming announcements on the internet. This includes the announcements that are on the slideshow before service and the announcements that are read at the end of service. We are halting the announcements via YouTube because of the sensitive nature of some announcements and an abundance of concern for everyone’s privacy. Please note this does not mean that Graeber will stop digitally communicating announcements.

We plan to continue to:

  • post general announcements on Graeber’s Facebook page,
  • email weekly announcements in the Reminder, and
  • email urgent announcements from the church office.

The announcements are important because they help us communicate, connect, and keep tabs on each other, so we encourage you to review The Reminder each week.

Finally, the elders want to sincerely say “Thank you” for your daily encouragement. We truly appreciate your prayers and support as we manage many changes and unique issues.

Love in Christ,

The Elders

Cary Dwyer, David Laman, Steve Laman, Roy Ross, Doug Thompson, Doug Young


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