“AI Jesus”

“AI Jesus”

The headline reads, “Engineer’s ‘AI Jesus’ goes on to make terrifying apocalyptic prophecy.”

That’ll get someone’s attention.

“AI” stands for “artificial intelligence.” While the “artificial” part of the title makes sense, the “intelligence” aspect is silliness.

An engineer and quantum researcher wrote an artificially intelligent algorithm which “learned” language by only reading the Bible.

From there, the program was tasked with making “prophecies” based on the information it had acquired from “reading” the King James Version of the Bible.

The proud engineer made this statement: “This A.I. learned human language from reading the Bible and nothing else; absorbing every word more thoroughly than all the monks of all the monasteries that have ever been (New York Post, August 28, 2020).”

So, what do prophecies look like from this algorithm? Here are some examples pulled from the engineer’s website: “Then shall the father disciples, and the sons of men, shall alive and the spirit of the LORD shall be my sister than life,” and, “For the remnant of the disciples were come forth out of the sea of the plain, and the residue of the two wings were ashamed (https://github.com/ GeorgeDavila/AI_Jesus).”

These are just a few of the thousands of “terrifying apocalyptic prophecies” the program has been churning out, and they resemble nothing of true Scriptures.

AI Jesus is a false prophet. Jesus Christ is prophecy fulfilled (Luke 24:44).

AI Jesus is worthless. Jesus Christ is priceless (1 Peter 1:19).

AI Jesus is flawed. Jesus Christ is flawless (Hebrews 5:9).

AI Jesus is pointless. Jesus Christ is profound (John 14:23).

AI Jesus is a waste of time. Jesus Christ is timeless (John 1:1).

AI Jesus is artificial. Jesus Christ is authentic (1 Corinthians 8:6).

AI Jesus is nonexistent. Jesus Christ has always existed (John 1:1).

AI Jesus is misleading. Jesus Christ is guiding (Matthew 16:24).

AI Jesus is nothing. Jesus Christ is everything (John 8:58).

To describe AI Jesus as “terrifying” would be correct. Revelation 22:18 warns against adding to the Word of God.

Thankfully, we have a Bible we can trust to guide us to eternal salvation.

– Troy Albers


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