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Serious businessman thinking


Psalm 1 shows the blessed (happy) man is one who, among other things, meditates on God’s law (2). Later, the ungodly are shown to be the opposite of the godly (4). One of the differences would be their failure to ponder over God’s great truths.  Is meditation really important? Are thoughts? Remember that the material things that surround us, our houses, cars, clothes, etc., were first a thought before they became a reality.  God has blessed humans with a great…
Scared woman covering eyes with hands, see no evil

A Great Persecution Arose

Things were going great at first. In the first chapters of Acts, the church was growing by leaps and bounds, there were great open-doors for the people of God, and the future was bright in sharing the message about Jesus. However, beginning in Acts 4, the problems started for the church in Jerusalem.  By the end of chapter 7, there is the death of Stephen and by chapter 8:1, the church scatters. Note this, up until the church scattered, there…
People with worried emotion

On COVID-19, Toilet Paper, and Worry

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke to people’s concerns and worries in a way that we would do well to heed. In Matthew 6:24, Jesus had just affirmed the fact that we cannot be about serving God, and also serving the things of this life because “no man can serve two masters.” As He then draws His conclusion for His audience, the refrain becomes clear, “do not worry” (Matthew 6:25, 27, 31, 34). What things does Jesus tell…

Philippines Mission Letter: February 2020

Dear Brethren,  We give God all the glory and honor for the baptism of four precious souls added by the Lord to our congregation last month. Their names are Felicidad Javier, Annaliza Gutierrez, Abijah Noshka Ricario, and Juvilyn Javier. Felicidad and Anna are the mother-in-law and sister-in-law of Clemente Lazaga, a brother in Christ who works with me. We have been teaching them for several years. Whenever they had to go to the doctor or hospital and need a ride,…