2017 Theme: "In His Steps - Following the Example of Jesus"----------------Mission Trip: Troy and Allen leave for the Philippines Tuesday, October 24. Please keep them and their work in your prayers.


We worship according to the New Testament pattern. 

On each Lord's Day we meet together to:

Sing - we sing congregationally without accompaniment from any instruments as the church did in the first century

Pray - We offer our prayers to God in Jesus' name

Remember - We take the Lord's Supper - the bread and fruit of the vine - as a memorial of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord

Give - We take up a collection as we have purposed in our hearts to show our gratitude to God

Listen - We feed on the Bread of Life - the Word of God presented in a sermon or devotional period

Enjoy Fellowship - We spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ - encouraging, supporting, and loving each other and those who are visiting among us