2017 Theme: "In His Steps - Following the Example of Jesus"----------------Remember the following mission trips in your prayers:----------CURRENT:----Ashley Laman / Zambia and Tanzania----------------UPCOMING:----6/24-30: Steve Laman / Haiti----------------7/14-30: Stan & Edie Speer and Todd & Carys Martin / Albania----------------7/22-29: Steve & Melinda Laman / Honduras


We worship according to the New Testament pattern. 

On each Lord's Day we meet together to:

Sing - we sing congregationally without accompaniment from any instruments as the church did in the first century

Pray - We offer our prayers to God in Jesus' name

Remember - We take the Lord's Supper - the bread and fruit of the vine - as a memorial of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord

Give - We take up a collection as we have purposed in our hearts to show our gratitude to God

Listen - We feed on the Bread of Life - the Word of God presented in a sermon or devotional period

Enjoy Fellowship - We spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ - encouraging, supporting, and loving each other and those who are visiting among us